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Welcome to, a LabCorp-sponsored web site supporting women's health. Through this web site the latest in minimally invasive tissue-based technologies for cervical biopsy can be purchased by any provider. The Kylon® fabric devices (SoftBiopsy ®, Soft-ECC®, and Soft-ECC-S®) and the bristle-brush device (Spirabrush CX®) are manufactured by Histologics LLC.

 Four devices, three of which have fabric-based tips and the fourth a bristle-brush tip design (see below) are available for purchase. The fabric used on the three devices (SoftBiopsy®, Soft-ECC®, and Soft-ECC-S®) is made of Kylon® (video), which (according to package inserts) is a “specialized fabric with individually arranged hooks that gently, frictionally abrade and collect the specimen within the rows of hooks and fabric that serve as a basket receptacle.”1-3

The Spirabrush CX® device’s brush head, according to package insert, “has a twisted wire spine holding semi-rigid double-layered nylon bristles. The brush is coiled into a spiral shape, allowing for the circular ‘face’ of the Spirabrush to be applied directly to an abnormality that is seen on the ectocervix.” 4



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LabCorp® is a registered trademark of Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings

SoftBiopsy®Soft-ECC®Spirabrush CX® and Kylon® are registered trademarks of Histologics™ LLC

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