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"I feel utmost confidence in the results"

"I wanted to send my excitement for finding these Histologics SoftBiopsy products. It has revolutionized my colposcopy procedure and I could not be happier! I can now do colposcopic biopsies in such an efficient manner that causes no pain to the patient and does not result in significant bleeding. The patients cannot believe how smooth the procedure goes, and to be honest, neither can I! The lab has not had any problems reading the biopsy specimens, and I feel utmost confidence in the results. I have been thankful for the confidence that I have in collecting the specimens, especially when high-grade lesions are diagnosed. I cannot thank you enough for your product! I predict that in a few years, this way of colposcopic biopsy will be what liquid-based pap smears are now for cervical screening."

- T.B., Bilhartz Women's Health Center

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